Terms of subscription

Terms of subscription

The first subscription period is in effect from the first day of school until the end of September. Between October and April (inclusive) each subscription period follows the calendar months, from the first to the last day of the month. The last subscription period of the winter is from the beginning of May until the last day of school. It is not possible to buy a meal subscription for part of a subscription period.

The subscription contract will be automatically extended in unchanged form from one subscription period to the next, unless a request for an alteration or cancellation is received in a verifiable manner before the 25th day of the preceding month. Alterations or cancellations of subscriptions shall be sent by email to the address skolamatur@skolamatur.is. A confirmation of cancellation will be sent by return email, and will enter into effect at the beginning of the next subscription period, or at the end of a subsequent subscription period, if one is requested.

Cancellation notice must be received before the 25th day of the preceding month, if it is to take effect the next month.

Subscriptions shall be paid at the beginning of the subscription period. The due date for payment is the 1st day of the subscription month, and the final due date is 5 day later. Invoices will be considered accepted unless verifiable comments are submitted no later than 7 days after the beginning of the subscription period.

If the option of receiving a remittance slip by post is selected, a surcharge of ISK 322 will be added to the amount charged. No transaction charge is added to paper-free payment demands, which will only be sent through home/internet banking services. No additional charge will be added if payment is effected with a credit card. If there are insufficient funds on the credit card, a remittance slip will be sent to the registered payer.  A reiteration of the demand for payment will be sent by post 7 days after the final due date, at which time an additional charge of ISK 950 will be added to cover the expense of sending the collection letter.

A meal subscription is only to be used by the registered subscriber. No person other than the registered subscriber may use the meal subscription.

If payment for a meal subscription has not been received within the agreed grace period, the serving of school meals may be stopped. If this occurs, and the debt is then paid during the subscription period after the serving of school meals was stopped, the subscription will resume without notice, unless a written cancellation was received beforehand. If on the other hand the debt is paid after the subscription period ends, a new application for a subscription must be made. In that case, an email shall be sent to skolamatur@skolamatur.is.

Special dietary food due to allergies or intolerance is provided if a medical certificate is presented. If the medical certificate is received after the next subscription period has begun, the serving of special dietary food begins on the following Monday. Medical certificates shall be presented at the offices of Skólamatur ehf., Iðavellir 3d, Reykjanesbær, or sent by email to skolamatur@skolamatur.is.

Skólamatur ehf. would like to draw your attention to the fact that the company cannot guarantee, even in cases where special diets are requested, that there will not be any traces of allergens.

It is not possible to renew a subscription if the applicant/payer is in default of payment.

Skólamatur ehf. reserves the right to alter the menu which is advertised in advance and/or to make other alterations to its services if necessary.

All personal information that is created in connection with the subscription and through use of the website of Skólamatur ehf. will be treated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations regarding the treatment of personal information at each time. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Only such information is requested that is necessary to obtain school meals and effect payment. Personal information is stored in the database of Skólamatur ehf. On our website we use SSL-technology to securely send information to our booking system.

Our booking system stores all information on an encrypted server. All the servers which we use will encrypt your information. Out computer system is protected with virus protection that regularly performs searches for security breaches.

Everyone who has access to personal information is bound by confidentiality.

We will inform you without delay if a security breach occurs that concerns your personal information. A security breach is a violation of security that leads to the deletion, alteration, exposure or access to personal information, either by accident or by criminal means.


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