Healthy, fresh and done from scratch


We want to provide our customers with healthy food, and to that end, we use whole grains, focus on Icelandic ingredients and ensure all food from Skólamatur is free of trans-fatty acids.


Our main focus is on fresh ingredients for daily meals.

After production and preparation, we ship our food straight to the school kitchens, where it is quickly cooled or frozen to best preserve freshness and taste. The food is always cooked and served the same day. Final cooking takes place in the school canteens right before mealtime. We always offer a side dish bar with fresh vegetables and fruits, which are chopped and prepared on site by kitchen staff.

Done from scratch.

Fish cakes, fish stew, soups, stews and lasagne are among the food items that Skólamatur employees make from scratch. The side dish bar, where subscribers can pick and choose vegetables and fruits, is the result of suggestions and wishes of children and staff. Since we started with the side dish bar, the consumption of vegetables and fruits has increased threefold – to our delight

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