Price list

2022 - 2023

Price list for the school year 2022/2023

The prices are decided by the municipalities, and food is only provided on the days when there is school according to the school calendar. Please note that Skólamatur’s service contracts may vary depending on municipalities.


Meal subscriptionSingle meal

10 meal voucher

20 meal voucherFruits After-school center
Garðabær535 kr.1.000 kr.

GrindavíkPrice expected shortly.1.000 kr.

123 kr.283 kr.
Hafnarfjörður487 kr.870 kr.8600 kr.
110 kr.248 kr.
Kópavogur523kr.1.000 kr.

Reykjanesbær499 kr.1.000 kr.
13.470 kr.

SeltjarnarnesPrice expected shortly.1.000 kr.

Price expected shortly.Price expected shortly.
Suðurnesjabær405 kr.1.000 kr.


Meal subscriptionSingle meal10 meal voucher20 meal voucher
Garðabær695 kr.1.000 kr.8040 kr.
1.000 kr.Price expected shortly.
1.000 kr.4.945 kr.
1.000 kr.
14.970 kr.
SeltjarnarnesPrice expected shortly.1.000 kr.

1.000 kr.8576 kr.
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