FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Reglulega berast fyrirspurnir til starfsfólks Skólamatar. Hér fyrir neðan birtast algengar spurningar og svör við þeim.

We will be open for subscriptions on 24 August 2020. Please note that it is important to specify the name of the child’s class. Class names are usually not available until after the first day of school.

The prices of school meals are decided by the municipality. This also applies to sibling discount. Sibling discounts are provided in Hafnarfjörður, Reykjanesbær and Reykjavík but not in other municipalities that Skólamatur serves. Hafnarfjarðarbær and Reykjanesbær make decisions about sibling discounts and who is entitled to such discounts. The City of Reykjavík collects a fee for school meals through the residents’ portal and not through Skólamatur’s collection service.
In all schools with cooking facilities, the food is cooked in-school, i.e. the final preparation takes place there. The only exception is soups and stews, which are delivered hot to the schools. Fruits and vegetables are always cut on site, and an emphasis is put on freshness and variety in the side dish menu.
At lunch, all subscribers can have seconds in reasonable amounts. Hamburgers, chicken pieces or other food prepared in units do not allow for seconds on the main course. Subscribers can, however, always get seconds on veggies, fruit or potatoes or other side dishes.
The prices are decided by the municipalities, and food is only provided on the days when there is school according to the school calendar. Skólamatur operates in accordance with service agreements made with each municipality separately. Price difference depends on the agreement as well as subsidies made by each municipality, among other things. No VAT is applied to school meals for pupils.
Selection of days is contractual and is decided by the municipalities or in some cases the school administrators.
Meal subscriptions are sold by name and can therefore not be used by others. This applies to seconds as well.
Cancellations must be delivered before the 25th of the previous month, and they should be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address skolamatur@skolamatur.is. The first period of the winter, from the start of school until the end of September, counts as one period. The same apples to 1 May until end of school.
Applications are made here on this site, www.skolamatur.is, and it is important to provide correct information, such as name of class, etc. You can apply anytime, but please note that a new subscription period starts when school starts and after that, the subscripton starts on the 1st of each month. Arrangements can be made regarding subscription periods if this is not suitable. In such cases, please send an e-mail to skolamatur@skolamatur.is.
Yes, a nutritionist oversees all menus and makes sure that the nutritional value is in line with children’s needs. The nutritional value of menus is carefully calculated.
Skólamatur emphasises fresh and healthy food that is made from scratch. The nutrional value of each menu item is calculated by a nutritionist at Skólamatur. Fruits and vegetables accompany each meal. When the food is rich in carbohydrates, we offer whole wheat pasta and brown rice; an emphasis is put on whole grains and healthy and fresh ingredients.
Yes, we always have one vegan course. A side dish bar with fresh vegetables and fruits and a range of vegan sauces is available daily.
Skólamatur offers a special diet for individuals who, due to food allergy or intolerance, medical symptoms, religion or lifestyle, cannot eat items from the regular menu. Further information on special diet can be found here: https://www.skolamatur.is/hagnytt/serfaedi.
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