About Skólamatur

Your child deserves a hearty meal in school. This is very dear to us. For this to happen, we need to serve meals that meet modern criteria regarding nutrition and freshness as well as fulfilling quality standards.

By wholeheartedly taking on this job every day, we promote the wellbeing of children while increasing their ability at work and play. We greatly appreciate the parents’ trust which we gain along the way.

Our story

Skólamatur ehf. is a family business which specialises in production and serving of fresh and healthy food for children in preschools and primary schools.

Skólamatur ehf. was founded in January 2007; previously, Matarlyst ehf. had run a school canteen as a separate unit within the company. The company is owned by Chef Axel Jónsson, who has decades of experience in comprehensive catering operations. Axel’s interest in hot school meals was sparked when he sat on a school committee in Keflavík in 1990. Based on his experience, he developed a business idea which came to life in 1999 when he started offering children in preschools and primary schools healthy meals, specifically catered to energetic children who need nutritious food during the day.

Skólamatur operates more than 50 kitchens, with over 120 employees in the south-west corner of the country. 


Our main focus is on fresh ingredients for daily meals. Our meals are simple recipes made from scratch. Some of the courses are cooked using wholesome and hearty recipes from Jóna Gísladóttir, Axel’s mother. Development and novelty is extremely important in the food industry, which is why we are constantly developing cooking methods, recipes and procedures while also upholding traditions and customs.

We want to provide our customers with healthy food, and to that end, we use whole grains, focus on Icelandic ingredients and ensure all food from Skólamatur is free of trans-fatty acids.

Our food is cooked and prepared in our industrial kitchen in Reykjanes Township. After production and preparation, we ship our food straight to the school kitchens, where it is quickly cooled or frozen to best preserve freshness and taste. The food is always cooked and served the same day. Final cooking takes place in the school canteens right before mealtime. Every day we offer one main course and a side course which is always vegan. We always offer a side dish bar with fresh vegetables and fruits, which are chopped and prepared on site by kitchen staff.

Skólamatur operates in accordance with a quality manual that was written by managers in co-operation with Sýni Research Service ehf., aimed at ensuring the safety of all who utilise our services. The quality manual is based on the HACCP system.

Skólamatur aims at operating in harmony with nature and the environment. We work systematically at minimising food waste, and we practise sorting and recycling of packaging and other waste. Organic waste is weighed and the information recorded in all kitchens that are served by Skólamatur. We also take care to only use environmentally certified soaps and cleaning compounds.

Professionalism and co-operation

We strive for professionalism in all areas of our operation. We employ a nutritionist, and their co-operation with our chef ensures that all our food contains the nutritional value children, staff and other customers need.

Our menus are well composed and of good quality. Regular meetings with professionals and consumer representatives are held to make sure that different views are heard and consumer interest is cared for when composing the menus.

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